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Covers have been taken off the all-new 2021 Honda NC750X, which comes in two model variants, manual and DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) models. Engine displacement has also taken a bump, going to 745 cc over the previous 700 cc of the NC750X.

The NC-series of bikes are something of an oddity in a market accustomed to motorcycles falling into specific styles and categories such as sportsbikes, adventure-tourers, cruisers and naked sports, amongst others. Calling it the “Crossover Urban Transporter”, Honda intends for the NC750X to cater to the urban everyday rider with a need for a touring motorcycle.

Taken from the Honda X-Adv (RM63,499 in Malaysia), the NC750X carries a parallel-twin mill, liquid-cooled and putting 58 PS at 6,750 rpm with 70 Nm of torque at 4,750 rpm. Both the manual – equipped with the slipper clutch – and DCT gearbox are six-speed units, with identical gear ratios but the DCT version having a 1.921/2.411 reduction ratio compared to the manual’s 1.731/2.678.

This lowers the ration of the manual gearbox between second to fourth gears and first to fourth gears for the DCT, improving low-to-mid range performance of the NC750X. Performance has also been improved with weight reduction in the engine and the frame, with the NC750X weighing 214 kg and 224 kg for the manual and DCT variants, respectively.

Braking is done with single hydraulic discs front and rear, and the NC750X rolls on 17-inch, compared to the 17-inch front and 15-inch rear of the X-Adv. A 23-litre storage compartment is found under the seat and set height is set at 800 mm.

There are three colour choices for the NC750X – Grand Prix Red, Pearl Glare White and Matte Ballistic Black Metallic with the initial release being for the Japanese market. Pricing in Japan is 924,000 yen (RM35,771) for the manual 2021 Honda NC750X and 990,000 yen (RM38,326) for the DCT gearbox version.

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