Brno Moto3: Canet takes points lead with win

Aron Canet took the Moto3 championship lead by winning at Brno after gaining three places on the last lap.

Snipers Honda duo Romano Fenati and Tony Arbolino led the first half of the race but the status quo was ended when Jaume Masia nearly hit Arbolino at Turn 1, shaking up the order.

Lorenzo Dalla Porta shot up to the lead from seventh in one lap, and then spent most of the time in first until the finish, holding the advantage at the start of each of the last five laps.

But Dalla Porta was overtaken by both Arbolino and Canet at Turn 3 of the last lap.

Canet then also pulled off a move on Arbolino and managed to pull away as Dalla Porta rejoined the fight, the Max Racing KTM rider crossing the line first by 0.159s.

Leopard Honda rider Dalla Porta passed Arbolino to finish second for the fifth time this year, falling three points being Canet in the championship.

Arbolino settled for third with Masia (Bester Capital KTM) taking fourth ahead of Niccolo Antonelli (SIC58 Honda).

Antonelli was the hero of the race after he lost his third-place grid position due to a bike failure and started from the pits, but still recovered to the top five.

Ai Ogura (Honda Team Asia) and Andrea Migno (Bester Capital) were sixth and seventh with Fenati settling for eighth, despite fighting for the win early on.

The top 10 was completed by local rider Jakub Kornfeil (PrustelGP KTM) and Darryn Binder (CIP KTM).

The race had several crashes, the first of them being John McPhee, who got off the line slowly and was hit violently from behind by debutant Yuki Kunii.

Kunii was briefly knocked unconscious after the hit, while McPhee was taken to the medical centre with leg pain, but wasn’t diagnosed with any serious injuries.

EG0,0 Honda teammates Alonso Lopez and Sergio Garcia later collided, the former shoving the latter in frustration afterwards.

Tatsuki Suzuki, Tom Booth-Amos, Filip Salac, Riccardo Rossi, Albert Arenas, Kaito Toba, Celestino Vietti all fell during the race.

Gabriel Rodrigo missed the race after he fractured his right collarbone and pelvis in an FP2 crash.

Cla Rider Bike Laps Gap
1 Arón Canet KTM 18  
2 Lorenzo Dalla Porta Honda 18 0.159
3 Tony Arbolino Honda 18 0.217
4 Jaume Masia KTM 18 0.404
5 Niccolo Antonelli Honda 18 0.499
6 Ai Ogura Honda 18 0.530
7 Andrea Migno KTM 18 0.715
8 Romano Fenati Honda 18 0.737
9 Jakub Kornfeil KTM 18 1.063
10 Darryn Binder KTM 18 1.757
11 Ayumu Sasaki Honda 18 3.863
12 Raúl Fernández KTM 18 5.470
13 Makar Yurchenko KTM 18 5.495
14 Can Öncü KTM 18 5.540
15 Dennis Foggia KTM 18 8.259
16 Marcos Ramirez Honda 18 9.056
17 Stefano Nepa KTM 18 23.010
18 Deniz Öncü KTM 18 25.241
19 Celestino Vietti Ramus KTM 18 1’11.129
  Kazuki Masaki KTM 16 2 Laps
  Alonso López Honda 13 5 Laps
  Kaito Toba Honda 13 5 Laps
  Sergio García Honda 13 5 Laps
  Albert Arenas KTM 5 13 Laps
  Riccardo Rossi Honda 3 15 Laps
  Filip Salač KTM 3 15 Laps
  Tatsuki Suzuki Honda 1 17 Laps
  Tom Booth-Amos KTM 1 17 Laps
  John McPhee Honda 1 17 Laps
  Yuki Kunii Honda    

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