Singapore's GSS Energy acquires Edison Motors Thailand, to produce Iso Uno-X electric scooter –

With GSS Energy of Singapore acquiring Edison Motors of Thailand, it appears Malaysia’s ASEAN neighbour is pushing hard for a move towards personal electric mobility. The purchase of Edison, an electric motorcycle manufacturer, is reported to cost SGD 7.53 million (RM23.3 million) and will give GSS ownership of Edison’s proprietary patents including battery pack and motor technology.

The purchase is executed via GSS’ wholly-owned subsidiary Giken Mobility and inline with the group’s strategy of expanding into the electric mobility market, developing two-wheeled personal electric transport and other related technologies. Edison has currently developed two electric two-wheelers and with the acquisition GSS will commence manufacture for the Thailand market and other potential markets in ASEAN and Asia Pacific.

Giken Mobility produces the Iso Uno-X electric scooter, designed for urban mobility and powered by a 8.5 kW motor with a 42 Ah, 77 volt battery pack. The name comes from the original Iso Rivolta company in Italy, currently a brand name owned by the Lamborghini family, and might be better known to readers for the Zagato Iso Rivolta Vision.

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