TVS Enters Asia Book Of Records For Longest Stunt Show

TVS Motor Company has set a new record for the longest non-stop bike stunt show in India, and has now entered the Asia Book of Records. Five stunt teams from Coimbatore, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Indore and Delhi performed non-stop stunt shows for six hours astride modified TVS Apache RTR 200 4V motorcycles. The event, called the Apache Pro Performance X was held amidst heavy rainfall at Seasons Mall, Pune, and saw TVS entering the record books. The previous record in 2017 was also held by TVS, and the stunt riders in that event had performed for five hours non-stop in Chennai.

The stunt riders performed non-stop for six hours to set a new record

The stunt riders were from Team Steel Silencerz (Jaipur), Team Balance Point (Bengaluru), Team Throttlerz (Coimbatore), Team Moto Tycoonz (Delhi) and Team Throttle Extreme (Indore). Each team performed for 20 minutes in a sequence with synchronised entry and exit. This ensured that there was no break in the non-stop stunt performance. The same teams had performed in the 2017 event in Chennai as well, and this time around, they extended their performance by one more hour to set a new record.

The stunt riders used modified TVS Apache RTR 200 4V bikes for the stunt performance

The Apache Pro Performance is an initiative driven by TVS Racing – the factory racing arm of TVS Motor Company which promotes the prowess of the TVS Apache series of motorcycles in a controlled environment. The Apache Pro Performance X is an extension of this property with a focus on creating team records. The first edition of TVS APP X was held in 2017, and saw the team entering the India Book of Records for performing non-stop for 5 hours in Chennai. This was followed by the 2019 edition, where the same team broke its own record in the India Book of Records and also entered the Asia Book of Records.

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