15 Tesla Supercharger sites open to non-Tesla vehicles in the UK

Pilot scheme to open up Tesla-only charging network to all electric cars lands at selected UK locations

Tesla has confirmed that, from today, certain Supercharger network locations will be available for non-Tesla electric vehicles, as part of an expansion of a Europe-wide pilot scheme to allow vehicles from other brands to charge using the network. 

Launched in November last year in the Netherlands, the expansion of the pilot scheme means selected stations in Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and Austria join 15 UK Supercharger stations being opened to electric cars of all brands, compatible with the Supercharger Type 2 CCS connector.

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The UK’s 15 stations contain 158 individual charging points capable of delivering power at over 150kW. It represents around 20 per cent of the UK’s Supercharger network, totalling 87 locations and 780 individual Supercharger connectors as of December 2021.

Locations include Superchargers at Folkestone, Grays (East London/Thurrock), Uxbridge, Birmingham, Cardiff, Wokingham (near Reading), Thetford, Trumpington (near Cambridge), Banbury, Manchester and Flint Mountain (near Chester). Scottish locations include Adderstone, Dundee and Aviemore. Welsh coverage includes the superchargers at Aberystwyth.

Non-Tesla owners who want to access the ‘open’ Supercharger stations can use the Tesla app. The pilot offers up a membership scheme for non-Tesla owners for £10.99 a month, which offers access to lower charging prices per kWh. 

Drivers can also charge without a subscription but at a costlier rate per kWh. Tesla says rates will vary by site, but will cost around £0.60p per kWh.

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