2019 International Yoga Day: Fun Yoga Postures On Two-Wheels

India is a country which moves on two-wheels. It also happens to be the biggest two-wheeler market in the world. But that’s where the good parts end. Bad traffic jams, idiots all over the road and the sweltering heat make riding a two-wheeler very dangerous and stressful. Needless to say, two-wheeler motorists are some of the most stressed individuals in the country. But on the occasion of 2019 International Yoga Day, we have some fun exercises which will not only help you stay stress-free but also keep fresh when commuting on your two-wheeler.

Scooter Surya Namaskar

(The scooter Surya Namaskar helps you alleviate lower back pain)

Is your lower back hurting thanks to all the bumps and those long hours of commuting? We tell you how to deal with it! Pull aside your two-wheeler at a place where there ample space around and where you don’t have a risk of being run over! After that, lie down face first on the ground and start arching your back up. Keep your legs and hips glued to the ground. Go down slowly and repeat a couple of times. Make sure you keep your movements slow. Otherwise you might end up hurting yourself. In case you want to further spice it up, try rotating your shoulders as you go up and it will open up your shoulder blades, relieving the stress on your neck and shoulders.

Pillion Seat Padmasan

(This posture helps you keep your calm amidst all the chaos on the road)

This is one of the simplest postures you can do. All you need to do is prop up your two-wheeler on centre stand. Climb up on the pillion seat and sit with legs folded in the lotus position. This is the best exercise to calm down. Sit with your legs crossed, close your eyes and count to 20. You will immediately feel relaxed. Don’t believe us? Try it out once! It is best done when you have just encountered an idiot on the road or a stray animal who decided to cross your path at the very last moment.

Riding Position Arm Stretch

(This posture will help you relax your shoulders and elbows)

Do you have a sport bike or any other bike with a sporty and a crouched riding position? Does it give you a pain in the back and elbows from being bent for long stretches of time? Well, this is one of the best exercises you do to relax your elbows and back. Put your scooter/bike up on centre stand and simply stretch your arms out as much as possible. Keep them parallel to the tarmac and at shoulder level. Keep your back straight and your tummy in. You will slowly feel the tension oozing out of your shoulders and elbows, relaxing them. Hold this posture for 30 seconds, focus on your breathing, drop your arms for 10 seconds and then repeat. Do this for 5 reps and you will be good to go.

Pillion Seat Leg Stretch

(Have sore cramped legs? This stretch will relax and open up your legs instantly)

Legs feeling cramped on a long ride? We are here to help. As usual, park your two-wheeler on centre stand and slowly put your leg on the pillion seat. Once you are in position, simply try and touch your toes with both hands. Your hamstrings will feel the stretch. Hold the position for at least 20 seconds and then repeat with the other leg. Do at least 3 reps on each leg for a total of 6 reps. Make sure you keep your movement slow. Fast movements might lead to a cramp or a muscle pull.


While the author of this story can claim expertise on two-wheels to a certain degree, he is far, far away from being a certified yoga practitioner. So, you, our dear readers, are requested to try the postures shown here at your own peril. And we promise you that won’t die doing these stretches. The Yoga techniques you just read about actually work, but please do bear in mind that you must always stay safe and exercise utmost caution at all times.

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