2021 Ford Bronco Winch Poses Problem For Forward-Facing Trail Camera

Not all Bronco accessories play well with one another.

The 2021 Ford Bronco blends old-school off-road awesomeness with a suite of modern features and comforts. The go-anywhere SUV offers an optional 12.0-inch infotainment display inside that includes a 360-degree camera system to help off-roaders navigate the treacherous terrain outside. Ford also offers a host of aftermarket accessories, including the Warn Zeon winch. However, not all of the Bronco’s features and accessories work together seamlessly.

A Bronco6G.com forum member wdiscovered that the winch blocks part of the forward-facing camera, obscuring the ground immediately in front of the SUV and rendering it nearly useless on the trails. Ford Authority contacted the Blue Oval about the conundrum, and the automaker confirmed the issue but noted that the new Bronco also features wheel-spotting cameras “to help see obstacles ahead of the tires on the trail.” Those wanting the ultimate off-road machine may have to forgo some visibility if they also want the winch.

Bronco’s with a winch and front license plate bracket could have even more difficultly using the front-facing camera. In December, photos posted on the Bronco 6G forum showed that the plate bracket would go above the winch and in front of the grille. Ford places the camera between the “O” and “N” in the bold BRONCO lettering in the grille. In many states that require a front license plate, they also require it to be placed in the middle of the vehicle, leaving Ford little choice on its placement.

It’ll be a few months before the first Bronco models reach customers. Ford has not only received thousands of pre-orders, but it is also facing production delays due to COVID. Initial deliveries, previously planned to begin this spring, have been pushed back to the summer. Ford won’t begin review submitted orders until May, which is when it’ll begin providing an estimated delivery window to waiting customers. The automaker also offered to waiting customers up to $300 to use toward accessories, like a winch.


Bronco6G.com via Ford Authority

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