2021 SEMA Tuner Mega Gallery: An Early Preview of the Show

Every conversation I’ve had this year related to SEMA has ended with, “that’s if it even still happens…” Whether it’s a lack of faith in yet another show not being canceled over the ongoing pandemic or just taking a 50/50 approach to anything that involves large groups of people these days, many feared that the SEMA show might not even happen. Within the last month, however, that attitude shifted abruptly and the majority of those that attend every year were quickly switching into “big show mode.”

With the 2021 SEMA event now getting underway in Las Vegas and the hectic schedules and unforgiving deadlines looming overhead, it’s starting to feel like those pre-COVID days again. There are certainly fewer booths and displays than in previous years, as many are still being cautious about large-scale gatherings and travel restrictions for some regions are still a nightmare, but the show rolls on.

We’ve been in Vegas for a few days now and have already started gathering images of the incredible cars on display both inside and out of the Convention Center, and there’s so much more to come. Think of this story as your personal, constantly-evolving photo gallery from SEMA as we continue adding more photos every day this week! Here are a few highlights and a complete gallery of builds from the set up and roll-in portion:

Everyone is expecting greatness from the Toyo Tires Treadpass section, which will feature over 30 vehicle debuts this year including this R32 GT-R with Garage Active’s widened, carbon fiber body treatment.

A few years ago, the modern Supra hit SEMA hard with over a dozen different examples on hand. This year, there could be more, or, perhaps it’s the new Toyota GR86 that will take the lead role. This JDM model armed with recently released Rocket Bunny body armor was being carefully placed in the Cusco booth alongside a classic AE86 for some interesting generational contrast.

This Porsche 911 was fitted with a Slantnose-style Old and New Japan aero kit that eliminates the hood-level headlights you’re used to and integrates a set of bumper-mounted driving lights. The wider, vented front fenders and massive rear over fenders that lead into the sculpted rear wing will set you back about $21,000. The unique khaki wrap with Gulf colors applied makes for a striking appearance.

Check out the rest of what the early hours of the 2021 SEMA show has in store, and be sure to revisit this space this week as we’ll be adding more photos and highlights from the event every day!

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