2022 Ford Mustang and Mach-E Ice White Editions: Ice, Ice, Pony

Ah, the 1990s. A decade that brought us Grunge, Doc Martens, and the first hip-hop song to top the Billboard Hot 100: “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. The decade also marked the last time Ford offered a white-over-white-over-white color combination on the square Fox-body Mustang convertible. Well, that look is coming back—on both the gas-powered Mustang coupe and the electric Mustang Mach-E—in the form of the Ice White Edition Appearance package.

Available on the “Premium” trim grade of both Mustang models (and in the case of the coupe, with either the four-cylinder EcoBoost engine or the GT’s V-8), the package adds special all-white styling features inside and out of these machines. And while Ford pins the Ice White Edition moniker on so-equipped Mustang coupe and Mach-E models, it varies the details between these pony cars in material ways. This includes the shades of white, which are slightly different so as to align with the white paints and materials currently available in each Mustang’s respective plant.

Ice White Package-equipped coupes get Oxford White paint accentuated with model-specific “iced-out” taillamps, plus 19-inch wheels (with a design inspired by those of the triple-white Mustang of 1993) in matching Oxford White with machine-surfaced pockets. Meanwhile, Mach-E’s with the package get Star White Metallic Tri-Coat paint on the body, the mirror caps, and the wheel lip moldings. The Mach-E’s 19-inch wheels are the reverse of the coupe’s, featuring machined faces and painted pockets. Centered in the grille and between the taillamps of both models is an Oxford White pony badge, and both vehicles get Oxford White fender badging.

Ford’s going a bit tamer on the interior of these Mustangs than it did on the 1993 model that inspired this package. Instead of all-white seats and door panels, the coupe makes do with Oxford White leather inserts front and rear. There’s an aluminum dash accent panel and white stitching accenting the likes of the center console, door panels, shifter boot, and headrests, which certainly adds to the cool vibe of the cars’ cabins. The Mustang Mach-E’s interior may look white, but Ford calls the color covering the seats, center console, and door-panel armrests Light Space Gray. The instrument panel accent features a bright silver applique with a hexagonal texture. An Oxford White pony badge on the steering wheel adds a final bit of chill.

The order books for both open in fall 2021, with deliveries for each beginning in early 2022. Ford made just 1,500 copies of the triple white 1993 Mustang convertible, but it’s yet to announce a preset limit on production for these Ice White Editions. Pricing remains under wraps until closer to the cars’ fall ordering period, but the Mustang Mach 1’s Appearance package seemed to offer similar content for $1,200. This package might be closer to $2,000, we are told.

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