2022 Honda Civic Prototype Debuts Today: See The Livestream

The livestream will start at 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific.

As Dewey Wilkerson said in Malcolm in the Middle, “the future is now, old man.” Rather than setting up the livestream on its own website or on YouTube like automakers used to do back in the day, Honda will be introducing the new Civic on Twitch. The live streaming platform created for gamers will host the world premiere of the compact sedan in prototype form, but the final product should be nearly the same.

The eleventh-generation Civic aims to “raise the bar for style, performance, safety, and advanced technology in the compact-car market,” according to Honda. As with previous versions of the successful small car, the lineup will include a hatchback and a sedan, not to mention the spicy Si and R models. For those who prefer to row their own gears, a manual transmission is coming.

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Teasers, spy shots, and leaked patent images have painted an accurate picture of what to expect in terms of exterior design. It would appear the 2022 Civic will have a more conventional design with styling cues borrowed from the larger Accord. Some of the more recent photos that “escaped” from the patent bureau might have shown the interior as well, although many of the bits were missing.

While the outgoing Civic in five-door form is made in Swindon in the United Kingdom, the British plant is closing and therefore Honda will build the hatch in North America for local consumption. The Type R’s engine is already manufactured in Ohio, and with hatchback sales representing about a fifth of all North American Civic sales, the decision was a no-brainer.

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You’ll have to be a bit patient when the livestream starts at 8 PM Eastern (5 PM Pacific) because the actual 2022 Civic Prototype reveal is scheduled to take place a tad later, at 9:45 PM Eastern (6:45 PM Pacific). The digital event will be hosted by Rachel Seltzer and MonsterDface, joined by four top Fortnite players and another four top Twitch streamers. Grammy-nominated recording artist Cordae will also be making an appearance during the livestream.


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