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Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has revealed new pricing for the Xpander following the end of the sales and service tax (SST) exemption on June 30, 2022. The seven-seat MPV, which is locally assembled (CKD), was first introduced with SST-exempt pricing back in November 2020.

Recently, in April this year, the Xpander got a price hike due to “cost up constraints,” retailing at RM93,318 on-the-road without insurance, still with 100% SST exemption. Now, with the end of the tax holiday, the MPV sees a price increase of RM3,482, with the current retail price being RM96,800.

The only other model in MMM’s line-up is the Triton, which didn’t benefit from any form of SST exemption as pick-up trucks are classified as commercial vehicles and do not qualify. As such, pricing for the Triton remains as per the adjustments made in April this year, with the single cab workhorse 2.5 Quest 4×2 MT retailing at RM81,390.

Meanwhile, the rest of the range are double cabs, starting with the 2.4 VGT 4×4 MT (RM103,200), followed by the 2.4 VGT 4×4 AT (RM107,990), 2.4 VGT Premium 4×4 MT (RM116,200), 2.4 VGT Premium 4×4 AT (RM126,900) and finally, the 2.4 VGT Athlete 4×4 AT (RM146,600).

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