2022 Perodua Alza AV now supports Apple CarPlay – for existing cars, it will be activated during service – paultan.org

Apple CarPlay on the Alza AV’s 9.0-inch display – click to enlarge

It is confirmed. The 2022 Perodua Alza AV now supports Apple CarPlay. We were alerted to this by reader Syafiq Ismail and have received confirmation from Perodua that the carmaker has obtained the necessary certification and approval from Apple to roll out the function.

The Alza AV was launched with an upgraded 9.0-inch touchscreen head unit with wired Android Auto connectivity, the first Perodua model to feature AA. Then, the Apple CarPlay function was not enabled as Perodua had submitted documents for MFi certification for CarPlay, and was waiting for approval from Apple.

The certification involves three stages of development, with various quality and performance tests in each to ensure that the infotainment unit functions as intended when CarPlay is running. According to literature regarding the certification process, Apple estimates that the MFi Program certification process will take at least four months.

Android Auto on the Alza AV’s 9.0-inch display – click to enlarge

How about cars that are already delivered? Apple CarPlay will be “turned on” for you the next time you bring your car for servicing or inspection. iPhone users, remind the service centre. Once again, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are only for the Alza AV – the mid-spec H also gets a 9.0-inch touchscreen head unit, but it’s the older system found in the Ativa. Check out our spec-by-spec variant breakdown here.

Now that it’s onboard, wired Apple CarPlay joins the list of first-for-Perodua features on the new Alza. The others are Android Auto, electronic parking brake with auto brake hold, rear disc brakes (part of the EPB package), a 360-degree panoramic view monitor and Drive Modes (Eco, Normal, Sport). The two latter features have dedicated buttons on the steering.

Check out our walk-around videos below as well as our full launch report of the all-new Alza.

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