2024 BMW 5 Series Touring Teased Because Not Everything Must Be An SUV

In a sea of SUVs, BMW still believes there is enough demand for wagons to warrant the development of a new 5 Series Touring. Codenamed G61, the next 5er with a long roof will celebrate its world premiere in the spring of 2024 before going on sale later that year. To the surprise of no one, the Munich-based automaker projects Europe will be the model’s main market, but adds the spacious family car will also cater to customers from Japan and Taiwan.

This new teaser image isn’t what we’d call revealing, but it does show the taillight signature will resemble that of the smaller 3 Series Touring. BMW intends to sell the new large wagon with the same powertrains as the 5 Series Sedan (G60), so there will be a variety of gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and electric variants. At the very top, the M5 Touring will return for a third generation to follow in the footsteps of the ultra-rare E34 and the V10-powered E61.

BMW i5 Touring Spy Shots

Don’t go looking for a V8 underneath the hood of the new regular 5 Series Touring because there’s not going to be another M550i xDrive. Instead, only the flagship M5 will have eight cylinders from the M division’s new S68 engine. It’s a twin-turbo 4.4-liter unit that will work in conjunction with an electric motor in the same vein as the XM’s drivetrain. That can only mean more weight compared to the old M5 but that’s a necessary evil to comply with increasingly stricter emissions regulations while retaining the large-displacement ICE.

Because all versions of the 5 Series Touring will be underpinned by the same CLAR platform, it means there will be few design changes between the variants with a combustion engine and the ones without it. These cars are going to look nearly the same inside and out, with the M5 being the obvious exception since it will have wider fenders, a quad exhaust, and M-specific kidneys with horizontal slats. The more aggressive grille is likely to be found on the i5 M60 Touring as well, a not-quite-M variant of the fully electric wagon.

Look for the world premiere to take place in February 2024.

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