A Face Lift Street Rodder Style: Our ’55 Ford Gets A Nose Job

There’s a lot going on at Hollywood Hot Rods (HHR), and that’s not only out in the shop but inside the heads of Troy Ladd and his crew as well. They’ve thought up a number of creative design elements to incorporate in the 2019 ARP/STREET RODDER Road Tour car and then had to figure out how to implement them. Of course it comes as no surprise that the execution of those elements was as inspired as the ideas themselves.

One of the most dramatic changes to the front of our 1955 Ford is the custom grille. Fabricated from two pieces of flat stock welded together the floating, full-width single bar has unique bullet-shaped ends makes the front of the car look lower and wider.

Below the handmade grille the front bumper has been pulled in closer to the body. The gravel pan has been shortened to fit with a new lip formed across the front edge that fits tightly against the bumper.

Of course no mild custom is complete without frenched headlights, something that is often done by simply welding the headlight rings to the fenders. However, in this case, the stock pieces were made of pot metal, which meant welding wasn’t an option. But that’s really a moot point because that approach wouldn’t have been nearly stylish enough.

To french the headlights HHR style the original headlight buckets were first installed from the inside of the opening in the fender. This allows for replacement of the lamps and access to the adjustment screws for aiming the lights from the backside (inside the fenderwell). The next step was to fashion new hooded and peaked fender extensions from sheetmetal and blend them into the fenders.

By the time you read this our 2019 Road Tour Ford, sponsored by Ford Performance, will be on the road. So how about your Road Tour car? Is it ready to join one or more of the tours we have planned? Check out this summer’s schedule at 2019 ARP/STREET RODDER Road Tour Presented by Ford Performance and get busy and join us along the way.

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