‘Absolutely crazy’: Campaigners claim caravans being sent to Spain after age-limit scrap

GMB: Caravan 'curfew' plans slammed by Sonia Evans

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Recently, an increasing number of caravan sites have imposed age-limits on owners whose leisure vehicles are seen to be too old. Some holiday parks have said that older caravans need to have to be removed from their sites once they reach a certain age.

In some instances, this is 15 years of age, with it differing between sites, with some up to 25 years of age.

Following this time, caravan owners can apply for individual licences, which councils may grant, oftentimes up to 10 annual licences.

As with many sectors over the past few years, the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on many drivers and caravan owners, but also on councils and local authorities.

Caravans will often be based on an inspection, or vehicles that reach a maximum age, will need to be removed from sites.

Stuart Allen has been working on behalf of caravan owners who have been threatened to be removed from their site because their caravans have been deemed to be “too old”.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “A lot of the old caravans were sold for scrap.

“So it raises the question that local authorities are supporting the Government agenda of being environmentally friendly and they’re quite happy to see loads and loads of vans go for scrap.

“And surprisingly we found out recently that if people sell to dealers, and there’s lots of dealers floating around at this moment in time, they get transported up to Hull, out onto a freighter and they’re transported to Spain.

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“They’re then sold to Spain, where they’re used for housing, for holiday parks and so on.

“And these are all the vans that holiday parks are saying are not fit for purpose.

“We’re basically shifting our rubbish to another country.

“If it’s perfectly well to be resold at a profit, it’s absolutely crazy.”

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