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We may be in unprecedented times where our cars spend most of their time at home, so it’s easy for us to neglect them. But like us, vehicles need to be loved from time to time, which is why it’s important for us to keep them clean and well-maintained – because we want them to be raring to go when our road do reopen.

And when it comes to keeping your car showroom fresh, you really can’t go wrong with Kuzig Glanz and its passionate team of professional detailers. The company started out as a local go-to spot but quickly developed a reputation for premium car detailing, attracting enthusiasts near and far.

The company has now expanded and evolved into a one-stop centre for all car enthusiasts, offering a vast range of detailing and car care solutions. It all starts with a wash – at Kuzig Glanz’s upgraded facilities, you can choose from basic and detailed car washes, both utilising deep and thorough cleaning techniques to remove all hidden dirt and grime inside and out. A multi-tank water treatment system enhances cleaning performance, leaving behind a spotless finish while preserving the lustre of the vehicle’s factory paint.

You can also opt for a variety of detailing services that are able to comprehensively restore worn-out paint, recondition and add protection to leather, and fully detail the interior. Want to apply a paint protection coating? The climate- and humidity-controlled room is able to maintain the ideal ambient temperature and humidity to ensure an effective curing process. It also functions as a cleanroom that minimises pollutants, making it the perfect place to apply window tint and paint protection films.

The products being used and offered by Kuzig Glanz are also first-class – the company is a certified detailer for Gyeon Quartz, having undergone the Certified Dealer Programme designed to consistently uphold the brand’s highest standards.

Kuzig Glanz is trained on and adheres to Gyeon Quartz’s strict standard operating procedures, which oversee areas like task performance and workplace safety. It prides itself in delivering the best service and end result to its customers, so it continuously trains its staff to be acquainted with the latest detailing products and skills, as customer satisfaction is of utmost significance.

The company also has special collaborations with renown brands like XPEL; as an authorised reseller and installer of one of the most advanced paint protection films and automotive window tints, it offers six-year and lifetime warranties respectively. Kuzig Glanz is also the place to go if you’re looking for aftermarket parts, as it’s the authorised dealer for Apex Race Parts wheels, Akrapovic exhausts and iPE exhausts.

Just as an artist requires the best brush and paint (and constant practice) to deliver their finest work, so do detailers need the best tools. Kuzig Glanz is no exception, utilising Flex polishers from Germany – a brand that has even been used on a historic Air Force One aeroplane that flew the President of the United States.

The company has also created its own line of detailing products through years of research and development and trial and error, delivering maximum performance and ease of use. The Armour Series of professional products caters to detailing centres and consists of compounding solutions, polishing and waxing creams and coating products. On the other hand, the Lustrous Series is designed for DIY enthusiasts and includes pH-balanced car shampoos, wheel cleaners and leather conditioners.

The Kuzig Glanz headquarters, located right next to Sime Darby Motor City in Ara Damansara, provides a whole new customer experience with outdoor and indoor waiting lounges. While your ride is being pampered, you’ll be able to enjoy facilities that include a coffee machine, a smart TV and – in case you need to do some work – high-speed wireless Internet. There’s even a racing simulator for you to get your adrenaline fix!

If that’s not enough, you can head over to the viewing deck that offers a 360-degree look of the entire premises, thanks to integrated cameras at all areas. This gives you complete peace of mind, as you’ll be able to check on your beloved car at all times.

And if you ever need to store your vehicle at Kuzig Glanz, don’t worry. The facility boasts state-of-the-art security that includes the aforementioned cameras and a top-notch alarm system. The latter is able to detect motion, smoke, haze, carbon monoxide and water leaks to guard against theft, fire and flood – you’ll be even be notified of any irregularities via your mobile phone.

Last but not least, Kuzig Glanz’s headquarters can also host photoshoots and events. Depending on the style they’re going for, photographers can choose from the detailing bay with a raw industrial look or the coating bay with its clean and modern aesthetic.

So what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with Kuzig Glanz for all your automotive needs! For directions to the Ara Damansara headquarters, click here.

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