AD: Do your part to make car-sharing a more pleasant experience for everyone by following #TheSOCARWay –

Since its launch in 2018, SOCAR has provided users with a range of car-sharing services to meet their mobility needs. With several vehicle types available at your fingertips, SOCAR allows you to try out a wide variety of models without having to deal with the constraints that typically accompany traditional car ownership like road tax, insurance, loans, maintenance etc.

Given the flexibility and convenience that car-sharing offers, the SOCAR community has grown significantly over the past four years. With the high number of SOCAR vehicles “changing hands” on the regular these days, it’s important that users remember to follow #TheSOCARWay to ensure everyone gets the best experience when they book a SOCAR.

#TheSOCARWay is a series of recommended practices aimed at ensuring every SOCAR vehicle is maintained at its best state, forming a foundational pillar to promote community sharing among users. Remember, when your time with your chosen SOCAR vehicle is up, it will be used by the next user to get to his or her destination. Now, it wouldn’t be very pleasant if you took over a car that hasn’t been taken care of properly by the previous person who booked it, right?

Courtesy and mindfulness are other key pillars to the success of a community, which is why upholding these good practices is something every SOCAR member should strive for. As a start, users make sure they return the SOCAR vehicle to the designated location when they are finished, which makes it easier for the next person to locate it.

No one likes nasty surprises, and a filthy car is certainly one of those. Littering, smoking or vaping are detrimental to a car’s cleanliness, hence it’s strongly discouraged. On a related note, always check to ensure you have all your belongings with you before handing off the car.

Lastly, if the car is low on fuel when you’re returning it, spare a bit of time to fill it back to half full before doing so. This is a good action that can help another member of the SOCAR community, and SOCAR will reimburse you for the cost of the fuel, so remember to keep any related receipts.

By following #TheSOCARWay, you’ll be doing your part to make sure the SOCAR experience is pleasant for everyone. It is through togetherness that we create a better environment now and for the future. If you haven’t tried SOCAR, download the app on your Android, iOS or Huawei device and experience it for yourself.

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