ASEAN NCAP: Perodua Ativa scores five-star rating; first Asean model tested under 2021-2025 protocol –

The Asean New Car Assessment programme (Asean NCAP) has conducted crash and safety systems tests on the Perodua Ativa, which was just launched today and has scored five stars across all four tested categories – adult occupant protection (AOP), child occupant protection (COP), safety assist and motorcyclist safety (consisting of blind spot monitoring and pedestrian protection sub-categories).

Here, the points weighting for AOP, COP, safety assist and motorcyclist safety systems are 40%, 20%, 20% and 20% for each assessment category respectively. In these, the Perodua Ativa scored 37.48, 17.36, 18.57 and 10.00 points. Asean NCAP notes that the Ativa is the first model in the region to be tested under the latest 2021-2025 protocol.

Data from the frontal offset test showed good protection for both front seat occupants, and protection given to the passenger’s chest and both occupants’ lower legs was deemed adequate. Meanwhile, data from the side impact test showed adequate protection for the driver’s chest in this regard. The SUV scored 14.08 in frontal impact, 7.90 in side impact and 8.00 for head protection technology.

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Child occupant protection saw the Ativa attain a weighted score of 17.36 points from a possible 20, with the SUV scoring 24.00 in the dynamic test, 9.00 in the vehicle-based test and 11.26 in the device installation test. The restraint system used for the 18-month-old representation was the rearward-facing Maxi Cosi Cabriofix installed via Isofix and supportleg, while the system used for the three-year-old representation was the Joie Stages ISOFIX, similarly via Isofix and supportleg.

In the child occupant dynamic tests, the Perodua Ativa scored 8.00 in the frontal impact and 4.00 for the side impact test for a total of 12.00 for the 18-month-old representation, while the three-year-old child representation for the test scored identically.

In the safety assist category, the Ativa scored 6.00 for effective braking and avoidance, 4.50 for seatbelt reminders, 6.00 for autonomous emergency braking, 3.00 for advanced SATs to reach a category total of 19.50.

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In the Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) assessment that is introduced for the 2021-2025 Asean NCAP testing protocol, the Ativa was assessed for the functionality and effectiveness of AEB City and AEB Inter-Urban systems installed. Both systems are available in the Ativa as standard across all variants, and has been confirmed that the technologies have functioned according to Asean NCAP requirements.

Blind spot technology assessment was introduced in the 2017-2020 protocol, and the latest 2021-2025 protocol continues assessment for the technology under the new Motorcyclist Safety pillar. Here, the Ativa scored 4.00 for blind spot detection, 0.00 for rear visualisation, 2.00 for headlights, 2.00 for pedestrian and 0.00 for advanced MST, for a total motorcyclist safety score of 8.00.

Fitted with blind spot detection on both sides of the vehicle as optional equipment, the Ativa is deemed to have functioned according to Asean NCAP requirements on both sides of the vehicle.

Tested for the SUV vehicle category, the Perodua Ativa scored 83.40 points overall, making it eligible for an overall five-star Asean NCAP rating. The national carmaker’s latest SUV model made its debut today, starting from RM61,500 for the 1.0L Turbo X, ranging up to the top RM72,000 for the Turbo AV with the two-tone (black roof) special metallic paint finish. Prices are on-the-road without insurance and without sales tax.

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