Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition – limited to 99 units, only available through Audi Germany's website

Beginning June 5, 2019, Audi customers will be able to directly purchase new cars online, with the first model to be sold exclusively over the brand’s website being the Audi TT Quantum Gray Edition. Buyers can also specify the time and place of delivery within Germany, and even have it registered with their desired license plate.

Production of the special TT is limited to just 99 units, with each costing approximately 62,305 euros (RM292k). Unique to the TT are the express red interior package, as well as a part-matte TT script in front of the rear wheels.

Audi Live Consultation is also being piloted with the special edition model. With a simple click, the customer is connected with a consultant, who uses augmented reality goggles to transmit live images to the customer from inside the vehicle.

Audi’s VP of global market and sales, Martin Sander, said: “We are garnering experience and learning a lot about user and buyer structures through this pilot project. Online sales is just one pillar of future sales.”

The automaker also said the emphasis here is on customer consultation and communication as well as service, while Sander noted that bricks-and-mortar retailing “continues to be a strong and reliable partner for us even in times of digitalisation.” More Audi models will be available for purchase through the website by early 2020.

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