BFGoodrich Develops Wipers For Off-Road, But Are They Really Necessary?

Just in case you’re looking for something to add to your rig.

Off-roading isn’t exactly a cheap hobby. Sure, there are vehicles that are ready to get dirty right off the showroom, such as the Ford Bronco or the Jeep Wrangler, but let’s face it. When you start frequenting dirt tracks and off-road courses, you’d more likely add accessories to pump up your rig – whether functional or just for aesthetic purposes.

Now, if you’re running out of things to add to your rig, BFGoodrich may have developed the perfect product for you. And, no, this isn’t a new set of off-road tires.

Gallery: BFGoodrich Off-Road Wiper Blades

Presenting the new BFGoodrich Off Road Wipers – made for trucks and SUVs, both for on-road and off-road driving.

So, what separates the BFGoodrich Off Road Wiper blades from normal ones? The tire company says their new product features a heavy-duty design, inspired by the brand’s All-Terrain T/A KO2 tire treads and durable rubber. Every set also features the company’s Scrub-X Extreme Weather Performance, touted to quickly clear away mid, bug, rain, snow, and grime– things you’d normally face during your off-road adventures.

The BFGoodrich wiper blades also feature a weather-repelling technology that’s said to keep out mud, rain, snow, and ice to form on the blade cover. Lastly, the new product also boasts X-Flex Suspension for complete windshield contact, as well as Secure-X Connector for easy and secure installation.

With all these said, it’s time to answer our own question: is this new product really necessary? Before we answer, let it be known that a pair of BFGoodrich Off Road Wipers costs $79.99, which isn’t that affordable.

Back to the question – so should you buy one? That depends. If you’re that person who believes such a barrage of marketing slants easily – and money is just an object for you – then by all means.

Then again, your normal wiper blades should be just fine. So for the normal Joes, you might want to let your richer buddies test the blades themselves before buying one.



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