Birmingham plans to ‘limit’ vehicles from city centre – ‘Cars will not dominate streets’

Birmingham: Clean Air Zone signs seen across the city

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Traffic could be blocked from the busy A38 Queensway to ensure through traffic is diverted away from the city. The new Birmingham Transport Plan also promises “cars will no longer dominate street life”.

This is due to new plans which aim to limit speed limits, update car parks and introduce “pedestrianised streets”.

The report said: “​​The city centre of Birmingham will be transformed through the creation of a network of pedestrianised streets and public spaces, integrated with public transport services and cycling infrastructure.

“Access to the city centre for private cars will be limited, with no through trips allowed.

“This includes looking at different options for the central section of the A38 Queensway, including re-routing traffic to an upgraded A4540 Ring Road.”

The report said diverting traffic would reduce emissions levels and offer air quality improvements in the city.

The report also claims cutting off the A38 Queensway would actually “improve connectivity”.

They said the road would no longer act as a “restrictive barrier” which segregated areas of the city centre.

Alongside the road closures, the report has also highlighted further measures including the introduction of speed limits.

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The report adds: “Walking, cycling and active travel will become the first choice for most people making short journeys in their local neighbourhoods.

“Cars will no longer dominate street life around homes and schools.

“A limit of 20mph will be standard on all local roads.

“Residential neighbourhoods and local centres will be places where people are put first.”

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