BMW i3s DC Fast charge test

It’s the i3’s turn to get our DC fast-charge test

We took a 2020 BMW i3s REx to a 150 kW Electrify America DC fast charge station to see how long it takes to charge from 6%, when to range extender turns on, to 80% state of charge.

As we continue to get new electric vehicles to test, we decided we need more exclusive and educational content for current and future EV owners. In addition to our 70-mph highway range tests, we’re also conducting DC fast charge tests on all of the new EVs that we get on media loan.

When we cannot get a media loaner, we often borrow a vehicle from a dealership or a friend, as was the case with the 2020 BMW i3s I recently used for a 70-mph highway range test and this charging test. My friend and EV aficionado, Chris Neff was kind enough to allow me to use his car for the range and charging tests.