BMW Reveals iX Electric SUV: An X5-Sized EV With A 100-Plus kWh Battery

The German manufacturer seems more concerned with the design than with releasing actual tech specs though.

Not long ago, BMW made fun of front-wheel-drive cars. Today, some of its best-selling vehicles come in that configuration. It was also proud of its cars’ technical specifications, but the iX may indicate that this has also changed. The electric SUV that will take the iNext concept to production lines is more concerned about design elements than with power, torque, and dimensions – probably because they are polarizing, to say the least.

The only hints we have regarding how big the electric SUV is is the 3-meter (118.11-inch) wheelbase and that it would be as long as an X5 and as tall as an X6. It would also be extremely light for its market segment, but we have no idea what that represents because BMW did not disclose its weight.