By 2020, IONITY Will Install 40 Charging Stations In The UK

40 ultra-fast charging stations in the UK is 10% of total of 400 planned for Europe

IONITY, a joint venture between Daimler, Ford, BMW and the Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, earlier this month launched its first ultra-fast charging station in the UK, equipped with four CCS charging stands (up to 350 kW).

“The first UK station equipped with four High Power chargers, each capable of charging up to 350kW and located in Maidstone (M20 Junction 8), will soon be joined by locations in Milton Keynes and Gretna Green.”

“The Maidstone site is launched in partnership with Motor Fuel Group, the largest independent forecourt operator in the UK.”

According to IONITY, by 2020 the company will install in Europe 400 sites with up to 2,400 chargers, and around 10% (40) falls on the UK, which should be enough to enable long-distance travel using highways.

In the UK, IONITY will charge the cars using 100% renewable electricity, through a contract with Octopus Energy.

“For all of its UK stations, IONITY is partnering with energy technology specialists, Octopus Energy to ensure the entire network is powered by renewable sources. Octopus Energy’s ‘Electric Juice’ will provide every charge point with 100% renewable energy, greatly reducing the environmental impact of a journey and providing peace of mind for environmentally conscious drivers.”

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