BYD Yuan Proves That Affordable Long-Range Crossover EVs Sell Well

Affordability, long-range and a decent overall package is key for the volume market.

BYD Yuan, the small all-electric crossover, is the best-selling plug-in car in China. Over 11 months, BYD sold 66,573 Yuan, including 30,874 in the first four months of this year.

What makes the BYD Yuan so popular? Well, it’s an affordable model with a decent range. Originally, the Yuan was equipped with around a 42 kWh battery and a few months ago it received a 53.22 kWh pack – this version is called EV535 because of its 535 km (333 miles) of range at constant low speed, but the more reasonable maximum is 410 km (255 miles).

Including subsidies, BYD Yuan costs 109,900 CNY ($15,927) for the base version with a 70 kW electric motor. For better performance, the 120 kW version starts at 139,900 CNY ($20,274).

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