Can A Dodge Challenger Hellcat On Buggy Wheels Do Burnouts?

Over 700 horses pulling this carriage sounds a lot of fun.

Before Karl Benz designed and built the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, the very first internal combustion engine-powered vehicle, people go from point A to point B via carriages drawn by horses. Horse and buggies, as Americans call them, have different sizes and shapes – some have two wheels while others have four, and they were used as early as the 18th century.

Despite the variations, it’s safe to say that most of carriage were fitted with wheels that were narrow and had thin spokes. These buggy wheels were enough to carry the weight of the carriage and its passengers, but can it support a heavier modern vehicle?

WhistlinDiesel, the YouTuber who brought us the GMC Sierra with square wheels and the Chevy Silverado with massive wheel spacers, is back at it again with his fascination with weird wheel setups.

For his latest upload, WhistlinDiesel does the unthinkable – he equipped his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat with buggy wheels. The wheels are made of aluminum, while spacers were welded so he could attach them to the axles.

While carriages of old were usually drawn by up to two horses, this one benefits from over 700 of them, with all the power sent to the rear skinny wheels.

It wasn’t the best look, and you could actually see the shock and amusement from people as he took the very red muscle car to town. Good thing, he wasn’t apprehended by cops since the setup wasn’t a safe thing to look at especially with the lack of traction from the road,

But of course, what’s a YouTube video that features a Challenger without burnouts, right? The YouTuber naturally tried it, but can it? Quick answer: Yes. But how? Check out the video embedded on top.


WhistlinDiesel (YouTube)

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