Car insurance policies can be invalidated by driving on wet roads this summer

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Car insurance agreements could be axed by insurers and road users could be fined if they fail to slow down in wet weather. Changeable weather conditions can catch out drivers who may start a journey in the dry and then suddenly face a sudden downpour. 

Experts reveal that sudden weather changes can cause the road to become “more slippery” which can lead to serious risks. 

They warn that this can make roads “just as dangerous as driving on ice” which could leave drivers caught out. 

Eben Lovett, CEO of Monyshake said drivers caught in a summer shower should ensure they double their stopping distances and avoid heavy braking. 

He told “British weather in summer is very volatile – one minute, you could be driving in sunshine and the next, in a downpour. 

“But these sudden weather changes cause the road to be more slippery and can be just as dangerous as driving on ice.

“If you’re found to be driving dangerously as a result of skidding on these roads, you could face a serious penalty. 

“If you’re caught in a summer shower, minimise the risk by slowing down, double your stopping distance and avoid harsh braking.”

Dangerous driving penalties are issued to motorists who have put themselves or other road users in danger.

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Offences under this category can include driving aggressively, overtaking in dangerous locations or racing other vehicles. 

If motorists are found guilty they could be hit with an unlimited fine and even a driving ban. 

In severe cases, road users could even be prosecuted for up to 14 years in prison, according to the RAC. 

Experts at Select Car Leasing have previously warned of the dangers of driving on a wet road after prolonged periods of warm weather.

They warn the asphalt could become “more fluid in texture” which hampers the friction and skidding resistance. 

Dry roads will also lead to an accumulation of oil and rubber which experts warn will pose a “skid risk” for road users. 

Mark Tongue, spokesperson for Select Car Leasing said: “The first is that prolonged hot weather causes the bitumen in an asphalt road to become more fluid in texture, and in some cases causing it to seep and bleed to the surface. 

“This hampers the friction and skidding resistance of the road surface.

“Secondly, dry roads also tend to accumulate a build-up of rubber and oil from the constant passage of vehicles.” 

The Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) has also revealed roads can become slippery after dry weather. 

The group is pushing for the Government to do more to tackle road surfaces to reduce the risks. 

Howard Robinson, chief executive of the RSTA said: “Just like the effect of winter’s freezing temperatures and ice on our roads, summer’s high temperatures take their toll, underlining how essential it is to ensure that our roads are maintained to a correct standard all year-round. 

“Unfortunately, continued cutbacks to highway budgets means that councils cannot afford the necessary programmes of long-term maintenance and surface-dressing to ensure pothole-free, skid resistant roads.”

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