Car tax changes must not only suit ‘privileged few’ as experts call for new weight charge

Martin Lewis gives money-saving advice on VED car tax

Car tax changes should see a new system launched which ensures everyone “must pay something” to use the roads. Experts have suggested a new system “based on vehicle weight” could be the answer to ensure everyone is charged regardless of fuel type.

FairFuelUK founder Howard Cox added there should be “preferential fair rates” for owners of essential vehicles.

Speaking to, Mr Cox said: “A future road usage tax could perhaps be based on vehicle weight.

“In whatever way Fuel Duty is to be replaced, it is vital that everyone who uses UK roads must pay something to ensure our roads infrastructure is fit and safe for the 21st century.

“For all users, not just the privileged few. And let us not forget those essential vehicles, from emergency services to logistics.

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“They should experience preferential fair rates of road levies, based on their positive contribution to society and the economy.”

Under the current Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) tax system petrol and diesel owners are hit hardest with extra fees based on pollution rates.

Owners of heavily polluting brand new petrol and diesel models emitting more than 255g/km of CO2 are forced to pay £2,175 worth of tax in their first year.

This is followed by a £150 annual charge or two £82.50 payments from year two onwards.

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Meanwhile, owners of fully-electric vehicles are exempt from any VED charges which save drivers thousands over a vehicle’s lifetime.

Other road taxes such as congestion zone costs and Clean Air Zone charges are also favoured towards electric car owners.

New Clean Air Zones are set to be introduced in Bath and Birmingham in 2021 and will issue charges directly to petrol and diesel owners.

Polluting vehicles which drive into Birmingham’s city centre could face daily charges of up to £9 per day when the scheme is launched later this year.

The Chancellor is said to be considering a new pay per mile scheme which would charge drivers based on how much they travelled rather than their fuel type.

It has yet to be confirmed whether a system like this would introduce charges for electric car owners.

However, the Department for Transport hinted electric car owners could face charges if this system is launched.

They said they need to “ensure” motoring taxes keep pace with the change on the roads as drivers transition to electric cars.

They said any changes to the tax system would be considered by the Chancellor with further steps announced in due course.

Last week, motoring lawyer Nick Freeman backed charges for electric car owners as he also called for drivers to be charged regardless of what car they use.

Nick Freeman told “[Electric car owners] are blind and deluded.

“The moment everybody is in electric cars or the majority are in electric cars they are going to be taxed because the government needs to use the revenue.

“Electric cars cause pollution in their production and in their disposal.

He added: “There is a huge problem. The government in my view needs to say anyone who uses a car needs to pay a levy or tax.”

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