Coventry beats London to be best equipped UK city for electric cars

Jacob Rees-Mogg meets with electric car campaigner

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The latest research from Carwow, shows that Coventry has more public electric vehicle charging points per capita than any other UK city. The Midlands city has one public EV charger for every 890 residents, with 486 charging points in total.

Milton Keynes came in second place, with 275 chargers installed – which is one for every 1,027 people in the city.

London came in third with 1,630 people per charger and 5,783 electric chargers. 

Unsurprisingly however, London has the most chargers for any city in the UK with 5,783 electric charging points.

Sepi Arani, Director of OEM at Carwow, said that the increase of electric charging points in the UK will continue to rapidly increase.

He said: “Public charging facilities are popping up by the day across the country, but it’s fitting that Coventry, a city with a huge automotive history is leading the race for the most public chargers per capita.

“We must keep in mind that most EV owners will be charging their vehicles from home, so publicly available chargers are only part of the story.

“Big government investments to create fair access to chargers across the UK is great and needed, especially in built up cities like London where people may not necessarily have the space for home chargers. 

“This being said, there was never a time when people worried about not having their own petrol or diesel pump outside their home.


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“In London alone there are nearly as many public charging points as there are petrol or diesel pumps, so combine this with private chargers too, it’s easy to see how soon the balance will shift and how charging will no longer be a concern.

“More people than ever are on the verge of a switch to EVs which is why we built this easy-to-use tool to make it easier for people to find chargers when they’re out and about.”

Carwow have created a tool which allows drivers to search their area to see the nearest electric charging point.

Currently there are 8,380 petrol stations in the UK, compared to the 8,165 EV charging points in the top ten cities alone.

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