Dacia Bigster Concept debuts – rugged, hybrid C-SUV – paultan.org

Dacia has taken the veils off the Bigster Concept car, giving us a glimpse of the company’s first and upcoming C-segment SUV. It will be built on the Renault-Nissan modular CMF-B platform (Dacia is a Renault subsidiary), suggesting the Romanian automaker’s imminent foray into electrification.

The Bigster measures approximately 4.6 metres long, making it similar in size to the X-Trail and about 300 mm longer than the B-segment Duster. It’s fairly bold and rugged-looking, too, a fact accentuated by the foliage green paint, muscular wheel arches and chunky front and rear bumpers.

Lighting signature is highlighted by the Y-shaped headlights and tail lights, though the additional LEDs along the radiator grille will likely not make it to production. It’s a no-nonsense car – Dacia decided to not use any exterior chrome or faux aluminium trimmings, favouring raw recycled plastics to create the protective exterior panels instead.

It’s a great looking SUV with the right proportions, we think. There’s an inviting sense of cohesion among other features like the sculpted bonnet, chunky side vents, huge wheels and raised roof rails. Dacia design director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos said: “The Dacia Bigster Concept epitomises the evolution of the brand. Essential, with a touch of cool and an outdoor spirit.”

The Bigster Concept is scheduled to hit markets by 2025, and is part of Group Renault’s five-year Renaulution turnaround plan. With the CMF-B platform, both Dacia and Lada (a Renault-owned Russian brand) can commonalise parts by downscaling from four platforms to one. The two companies will also reduce the combined 18 body types to 11, enabling further cost savings.

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