Dartz Freze Froggy Is A Tiny EV Roadster With Affordable Price Tag

You may know Dartz as a company that makes huge outlandish vehicles with celebrity status. In fact, one of its creations was the popular, controversial-looking SUV that made an appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen’s political satire comedy The Dictator.

That gold SUV now has a production version that you can actually buy. Dartz has also made other armored SUVs since the celebrity SUV was introduced 10 years ago, but the Latvian company is venturing into a totally different segment of cars.

Introducing, the Dartz Freze Froggy EV Beachstar The Winners Edition – a lengthy name for a car that comes with features that are as interesting as its design.

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Dartz classifies the Freze Froggy EV as “affordable opulence” and touts it as the “world’s first electric roadster made with affordable opulence style.” To be fair, the car comes with pricey materials while still being sold at a relatively affordable price point.

Style-wise, the Freze Froggy lives up to its name, looking like an amphibian up front. Dartz’s new logo, the Spirit of Victors, is found painted onto the pink hood. Carbon fiber elements are found all over the EV’s exterior, while the interior is adorned with alligator and ostrich leather. It even comes with Bang & Olufsen sound system, with the main speakers behind the seats wrapped in alligator leather.

Dartz is proud of the Freze Froggy EV’s trunk, which it calls a Swiss-army knife trunk. The upper portion of the trunk opens to a small compartment that houses two backpacks with a picnic set. The lower trunk reveals a standard spacious cargo hold.

Unlike the hulking SUVs that Dartz usually offers, the small two-seater is propelled by an electric motor that makes 67 horsepower (50 kilowatts), with a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour (65 miles per hour). It has two range options: 200 kilometers (124 miles) and 300 km (186 mi).

The Dartz Freze Froggy EV Beachstar The Winners Edition has a base price of 15,000 euros or around $15,800. When asked about the reason behind making a small affordable EV, the company founder and owner, Leonard Yankelovich, said that they want to offer an electric roadster that doesn’t look cheap – to a wide market of buyers ranging from students to billionaires.

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