Drifting drone footage is the best drifting footage at Gridlife

Tire manufacturers support drifting, obvs.

The Gridlife Midwest Festival returned to Gingerman Raceway last week for year six of the west Michigan event, including one of the largest time attack fields in North America. But, of course, the event features other car disciplines like drifting. Vaughn Gittin Jr. staked his claim in South Haven last year, but the regulars aren’t bad either.

The kids are also good with the tech, which means crazy videos from all angles populate Gridlife’s Facebook page, like the one above. It’s drone footage, but it starts inside the car and the goes aerial, following the sweeping, smoky burnouts. The new breed of drone can do this automatically, by the way.

The driving is a work of art, and should be treated as such, so check out the video and click on over to Gridlife’s Facebook page for more video stuff like this. Also, we put Vaughn Gittin’s run from last year below, just for good measure.

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