Driver gets car massively stuck after trying to avoid £500 airport parking bill

Martin Lewis gives key airport parking advice on his money show

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Essex Police seized a car after the driver attempted to avoid paying for parking at Stansted Airport. Officers attended the car park after a vehicle became stuck after the driver attempted to drive around the barriers rather than paying an enormous parking bill, according to tweets posted by police.

Police said the driver had chosen to not pay his parking fee of almost £500 and instead decided to try and drive around the payment barriers to get out of the car park, reported Essex Live.

But his efforts weren’t successful and the car became stuck.

The force also said that when officers arrived to see what was happening, they discovered the driver was disqualified and shouldn’t have been driving the car in the first place.

Because of this, Essex Police seized his vehicle, but he will still have to pay the hefty parking charge.

Tweeting about the incident, Essex Police at Stansted Airport said: “Please remember to pay for your parking [at Stansted Airport].

“This driver tried to avoid paying, got stuck when driving around the barrier and to top off his bad day…. he was a disqualified driver. “His car was seized by Essex Police and he still owes £496 in car parking fees!”

To rack up such a high parking charge, the car would have had to have been parked in the short stay car park for a total of eight days.

The short stay car park charges £62 per 24 hours if not booked in advance.

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Meanwhile, a learner driver in the UK was taught a tough lesson as they had their car seized after being pulled over by officers.

Police were patrolling the roads in Lancashire on Friday evening when they came across a car hogging the middle lane.

Attempts to get the car to switch lanes failed, leaving the officers with no other choice but to pull the driver over.

However, checks revealed that both people inside the vehicle were provisional drivers and so the vehicle was seized.

A force spokesman said: “I saw this car lane hogging and despite trying to encourage it to move over it continued so I stopped it to offer some advice.

“A few checks confirmed, driver and passenger both provisional drivers so advice changed to get a taxi home as car seized and driver reported.”

Provisional licence holders must be supervised by another driver with a full licence in order to drive on public roads.

They cannot drive on their own or they risk being heavily fined and having the vehicle seized.

This week also saw a Swindon van driver rapped by police on Wednesday after being spotted eating lunch behind the wheel on the M4.

Officers from Wiltshire Police’s roads policing unit pulled over the vehicle after it was seen weaving in between lanes.

The driver was also excessively speeding between junction 16 and 17 of the motorway.

When officers looked to see what the driver was doing, they discovered that the motorist was more interested in what they were having for lunch.

The driver was issued a traffic offence report for their low standard of driving.

Writing on social media, Wiltshire Specialist Operations unit said: “RPU dealt with this van for careless driving after it was seen weaving between lanes M4 J16-17 at excessive speed, when we looked the driver was paying more attention to the sandwich they were eating rather than the road!

“TOR issued with extra piccalilli.”

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