Driver road rages at elderly couple after they steal her parking space – the response

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A woman was furious after an elderly couple pulled into a parking space she was getting ready to drive into. The incident was caught on camera and showed the motorist shouting at the elderly couple as they parked their car.

The footage shows the female motorist waiting for a car to drive off from an occupied parking space.

As soon as the car leaves, the woman slowly pulls up trying to park.

However, before she reaches the available space, a white Hyundai pulls up from the other side occupying the spot.

The incident took place in a busy Sydney multi-story car park last April.

It was recorded on a dash cam and posted on YouTube.

As soon as the female driver spots the elderly couple she erupts with fury.

She is heard saying: “Go back, I was parking there.”

The woman then goes on to say: “Hey! Rude b*ch, can you please go back,” followed by “I was parking there”.

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The last bit of footage shows an elderly man getting out of the vehicle while using a walking aid.

After waiting for a while, the woman gives up and drives off in search of another parking spot.

Several people have taken to social media to express their views on the incident.

Many of them sided with the elderly couple.

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One person said: “I realise how frustrating that is when you are waiting for a carpark and someone does that but you could clearly see they were elderly and the old fella has a cane.

“In this instance, you should have shown them a bit of consideration rather than calling her a rude btch.”

Another user added: “They were very likely waiting just as long if not longer than the scammer to move forward into that park as well.”

A third commented: “The oldies may have been waiting for longer for that park too.”

The news comes after a motorist who parked their white Audi in the middle of Whitby’s market square instantly regretted his decision after locals sprung into action and still opened their shops.

The car was no obstacle for Whitby’s stall owners who set up the market around the vehicle.

On top of having several shops around their vehicle, the driver was also reportedly given three parking tickets.

TeessideLive reported that the car parked up on Thursday night.

And the owner came back on Sunday to collect his vehicle.

One of the local residents whose flat overlooks the market witnessed the whole ordeal.

Don Greenwood admitted that parking in the area is a nightmare, but he has never seen anything like this before.

Mr Greenwood added that there is plenty of adequate signage warning drivers not to park.

He said: “It is clearly marked, there are two big signs.

“Apparently when the owner did return he said he didn’t realise it would cause so much disruption.”

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