Drivers face fines and points for listening to England’s Euro 2020 game this afternoon

UK mobile phone driving laws explained by the RAC

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Experts at warn one in five drivers claim their stress level rises when listening to sports while driving. Football was found to be the “most distracting” of all sports which could pull drivers’ attention away from the road. warns listening to the game could “affect emotions” and the driver’s “ability to concentrate”.

Although distracted driving carries a penalty of £100, they warn fees can rise depending on the exact circumstances.

Alex Kindred, insurance expert at urged drivers to pull over and listen to the game at a standstill if you are likely to get emotional by the result.

He said: “Whether you’re a football devotee or you just love to get involved during big tournaments like this, it’s an exciting time for football fans at the moment.

“And with matches happening so frequently, listening in the car may be the only option for some – it’s better than missing out.

“But new research shows that one in five (20 percent) drivers claim their stress levels rise when they listen to sports in the car.

“And the effects of stress are well known – it affects our emotions and our ability to concentrate.

“Our research also found that almost two in five (38 percent) drivers find football distracting to listen to while driving, as it’s considered the most distracting of all sports.

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“But many are unaware that driving distracted is an offence which carries a hefty penalty.

“You could be landed with a £100 fine and three points on your licence, or in more serious circumstances, the fine could be more significant.

“If you’re listening to sports on the move, then be mindful to keep an eye out for things happening around you.

“And if your emotions get the better of you, always pull over.”

A similar rule exists around playing music too loudly while behind the wheel for fear of being distracted.

Research from insurance experts Carole Nash found 58 percent of adults were unaware of this Highway Code guidance.

Meanwhile, 62 percent said they were not aware the Highway Code recommends drivers find a safe place to stop to listen to music, the radio or a podcast.

West Yorkshire Police previously said listening to music made it difficult for road users to be “fully aware of their surroundings”.

They said: “It is not an offence in itself to listen to music on a mobile device whilst driving or cycling.

“However, listening to music can be distracting, especially if it is not possible for the individual to be fully aware of their surroundings.

“You need to be able to bring to bear all the senses you can whilst driving, and being able to hear is important in enabling you to be in proper control of your vehicle in traffic.

“Obviously, some people have the disadvantage that they cannot hear too well (or not at all), but the rest of us should not deliberately mask our senses and put ourselves at the same disadvantage.”

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