Drivers face parking fine increase which could take two days wages to pay off – ‘crazy’

NHS parking charges: Piers Morgan slams increase in 2020

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The British Parking Association (BPA) are calling for the cap on fines to be raised to £120, from the current cap of £100. However, Government ministers are calling for the cap to be reduced to £50, branding the proposals for a price rise “crazy”.

Motoring groups have pointed out it would take a key worker on a 35-hour, minimum wage contract of £8.91, two days to pay off a £120 ticket.

The BPA says fines of £50, discounted to £25 if paid within 14 days, would be seen as a “bargain” to motorists compared to the price of parking.

They fear this may lead to drivers choosing to accept and pay the cheaper fine than pay for a parking ticket.

Andrew Pester, chief of the BPA, said: “We are calling on the Government to reconsider its proposal to reduce the level of parking charge and to further engage with landowners and parking operators to ensure a sufficient deterrent.”

He believes a higher fine would be a more effective method which would improve compliance with parking rules.

This comes as new data found that parking firms issued more than 22,000 tickets to drivers every day.

It works out to be one parking ticket handed out every 15 minutes in the first six months of this financial year.

Edmund King, president of the AA, commented on the proposed changes, saying that any price rises would be “crazy”.

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He said: “How can it ever be justified for someone who parks with a wheel over the line or overstays by ten minutes to be fined a day’s wage or even more?

“It is crazy to suggest that current enforcement charges outside London are not high enough to be a deterrent.

“Nobody wants to end up paying a fine whatever the cost.”

The Government has previously pledged a crackdown on “cowboy” firms and plan on introducing a new code of practice for the private parking industry.

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