Drivers may be ‘reported to court’ for buying a second hand used car under lockdown rules

Motoring: Tips to follow when purchasing a used car

Officers at the Central Motorway Police Group covering Staffordshire and the West Midlands have revealed they stopped a driver during a “private car swap”. The CMPG said driving the car 100 miles to give the car to a new owner was not a “good” or “lawful” reason to be out driving at night.

They confirmed the vehicle has been reported to court for breaking coronavirus lockdown rules as they urged motorists to stay at home.

In a statement on Twitter the CMPG said: “A good looking Golf but a 100 mile round trip to pick it up in a private car swap deal isn’t a good or lawful reason to be out at 10pm.

“Reported to Court for #COVID19 offences, #StayHome”

After hundreds of reactions on social media, the CMOPG added some further clarity to the situation.

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The CMPG confirmed the driver was stopped to investigate other offences before the coronavirus breach came to light.

They added: “Let’s focus on the key matter here. The news, the reporting from @NHSuk and Government makes clear how dire the COVID-19 situation is in the UK.

“We MUST all do everything to stop the virus. There is a national lockdown in place.

“What we can say is after stopping this driver for another matter, as already mentioned, the facts were sufficient that it was right to report the driver for summons to Court.

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“What those facts are, is the bit we can’t go into complete detail about of course.

“As for the ‘what about…?’ questions we’ve received in response to this, the best answer is check for yourself. All you need is at GOV.UK.

“The key point is that you MUST #StayHome – just like everything else we do, we want everyone to be safe and well.”

Social media comments underneath the post were full of drivers desperate to know whether they could pick up used cars which they had purchased or reserved.

Information from GOV.UK which made it clear drivers can purchase goods or services they need but this should be in the local area wherever possible.

This means road users should avoid travelling outside their town or part of the city where they live.

The new restrictions mean motorists should also reduce the number of journeys they make.

Many car dealerships and retailers have been forced to close as a consequence of the restrictions which may make second-hand transactions more popular.

Car specialists at Cazoo have condemned the decision that collecting a car is not viewed as an essential journey.

However, they have urged drivers can still purchase second-hand cars online and get this delivered in a safe and secure way.

A statement online said: “While collecting a car is not viewed as essential travel the government guidance says that you can leave your home if you have a reasonable excuse such as ‘buying goods or services that you need’.

“Any travel should be within your local area wherever possible, however.

“You can buy a car online and have it delivered because delivery services are permitted as long as hygiene and social distancing guidelines are followed.”

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