Drivers may have ‘medical conditions minimised’ when applying for driving licence renewals

Martin Lewis says 2.3 million UK driving licences are out of date

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Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at said medical check backlogs create a “bump in the road for drivers” which encourages them to use third-party services. However, Mr Kindred added it was “important” drivers waited for s GP appointment if possible.

They warned GP’s have “full access” to medical history which was important when deciding if a driver should be allowed access to roads.

He said: “While this backlog creates a bump in the road for drivers eager to get on the road it is important that those affected waits until their GP can complete their medical assessment.

“Using an independent practitioner brings the risk that medical conditions could be minimised, as they may not have full access to their medical history.

“If you have any condition that may affect your ability to drive safely, you should tell the DVLA.

“Drivers who don’t, risk being fined up to £1,000 and could also be prosecuted if involved in an accident as a result.

“Any undisclosed medical conditions can also impact your ability to claim on car insurance after being in an accident, potentially invalidating the claim.”

The comments come just hours after the British Medical Association (BMA) called for tougher measures for those needing medical checks or an application.

Medical checks are optional for car licences but those wishing to drive HGV’s, lorries or buses will need one.

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They warned drivers using third-party services had a “grave impact on road safety” as full checks could not be made.

They said the Government “must ensure” there was a process in place which involved the applicant’s GP at all times.

The DVLA said staff will always ask a driver’s doctor for information if they have notified them of a medical condition.

The DVLA said there can be delays when obtaining information from a driver’s doctor.

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