Drivers on short-term car insurance agreements face ‘more challenging’ SORN rules

Morning Live: Expert shares tips on car insurance

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Data from insurance provider Veyo has shown a 181 percent increase in drivers purchasing short-term cover over the past year. Veygo warns drivers on short term agreements may wish to apply for a SORN in between each temporary agreement.

This effectively puts your car off the road and means drivers are not liable for insurance or tax charges which is vital for those with tight finances.

However, they warn drivers must ensure they do not forget to tax their vehicle before taking it on the roads again.

Veygo warns driving a vehicle with a SORN on a public road could see drivers issued a heavy £2,500 fine.

The only way road users can avoid the charge is if they are behind the wheel for certain exempt reasons.

This includes heading to or from a pre-arranged MOT test or garage appointment.

Gunnar Peters, CEO of Veygo, said short term agreements could “potentially save money” for drivers in the long run.

However, he warned it was crucial road users were “aware of the rules and regulations” around SORN’s at all times.

He added the SORN rules are “undoubtedly more challenging” for those on short term agreements than longer policies.

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He said: “Our data shows many more people are purchasing short-term insurance policies for vehicles that they own.

“[This] suggests they are looking for options that suit their mobility habits, and could potentially save them money in the long run.

“But drivers need to be aware of the rules and regulations around SORN if they do decide to use multiple short-term insurance policies.

“Uninsured vehicles cannot be driven on the road, so a SORN application will need to be made in between uses.

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