Drivers urged to follow little-known September fuel-saving trick

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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With the prices of petrol and diesel expected to remain high this autumn, many drivers in the UK are wondering how to cut back where they can when it comes to fuel. The latest RAC Fuel Watch indicates that motorists will have to pay 168.36p per litre of unleaded and 183.19p per litre of diesel.

Fortunately, there are plenty of surprisingly simple ways that drivers can save money on fuel, from visiting the supermarket more often and sharing the vehicle with friends.

Graham Conway, Managing Director at Select Car Leasing, said: “The back-to-school season this September is probably more welcome news to parents than it is to kids.

“However, with this year’s rising fuel costs, the thought of driving to and from school every day could create new financial anxieties.

“To cut back on these costs, it is worth looking into whether your child’s school operates a bus service.

“Alternatively, if your child has friends in the area, consider starting a carpool, with each parent chipping-in to cover the fuel cost.

“This should be beneficial for your wallet, as well as the environment, as there would be fewer cars on the road during that morning school commute.”

Mr Conway provided motorists with more fuel-saving tips that they should follow this month and throughout autumn. These are…

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Using cashback schemes and loyalty cards:

From Texaco to Sainsbury’s, various petrol stations and supermarkets offer cashback schemes and loyalty cards to encourage customers to use their services.

Mr Conway said: “Every time you buy fuel at a particular station, you simply have to swipe your loyalty card and points are then awarded.

“BP, for example, offers a loyalty scheme where if you earn 200 points, you’ll be able to claim £1 off your fuel or shop purchases.

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“With a Tesco Clubcard, you’ll be able to earn one point for every £2 spent every time you fill up at the supermarket’s petrol station.

“As the nation continues to grapple with the accelerated cost of living, these incentives can go a long way.”

Inflating tyres to the right pressure:

Drivers who have incorrect tyre pressure will be using more fuel to keep their cars running smoothly.

This is because of the added friction while driving that comes from an under-inflated tyre.

Mr Conway advised: “To know what the recommended tyre pressure is for your vehicle, first check your vehicle handbook.

“Sometimes the pressure could be printed either in the sill of the driver’s door or on the inside of the fuel tank flap.

“Your vehicle manufacturer may also suggest different tyre pressures for your front and rear tyres so it is always worth doing your research.”

Switching the engine off:

Mr Conway said: “Leaving the engine running while a car is stationary consumes more fuel.

“It’s best to switch the engine off in situations where your car is at a standstill such as in heavy traffic or waiting at traffic lights.

“Some newer vehicles are being fitted with stop-start technology which does this automatically.”

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