Drivers warned to save on ‘unnecessary fines’ as Clean Air Zones continue to launch

PMQs: PM says Clean Air Zone is ‘unworkable’

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Earlier this month, four new Low Emission Zones were launched in the Scottish cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Charges have not yet been levied onto polluting petrol and diesel vehicles, older vehicles will be charged to drive inside the zone.

If vehicles do not meet the emissions standards, drivers could face a £60 fine, which is halved to £30 if paid early.

Petrol vehicles will need to meet Euro 4 standards while diesel vehicles will be charged if they are not Euro 6 or better when charging starts in 2023 and 2024.

These are just a handful of the cities implementing measures to reduce emissions by charging motorists to drive in the area.

With the growing number of Clean Air Zones and Low Emission Zones, as well as London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone and Oxford’s Zero Emission Zone, drivers may be struggling to keep track.

Drivers are forced to carefully plan out each route to avoid fines and appropriately manage payments.

A new app, Caura, looks to streamline the dozens of services required to manage vehicles and eliminate the stress of car ownership.

Alongside ultra-fast payments for emissions-based charging zones, they also manage car insurance, MOT and other vehicle admin tasks.

Dr Sai Lakshmi, CEO and Founder of Caura, said it was the best solution to manage the confusing Clean Air Zone charges.

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Speaking to, he said: “By offering one platform to manage everything vehicle-related, we hope that we can allow drivers to move through city zones and tolls more efficiently, and with more confidence. 

“By helping them understand what they need to pay and ensuring those charges can be paid in two taps on one consistent app, Caura saves drivers time on admin and money on unnecessary fines. 

“Local authority websites are slow and cumbersome, don’t offer drivers a mobile optimised experience, and vary from charge to charge. 

“We’re working towards providing one unified experience for drivers to manage payments for all clean air and low emission zones across the UK, in the quickest and most efficient way possible.”

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Greater Manchester is due to unveil its new Clean Air Zone plan in a few weeks after delaying the launch in February.

The Government has called on Mayor Andy Burnham to reduce the zone by 95 percent or more, with charging limited to Manchester city centre.

Bristol’s Clean Air Zone has also been delayed as a result of national issues with bus lane regulations.

The scheme was due to launch in September and would have seen certain drivers paying a £9 daily charge to drive in the city.

Bradford has formally announced that its CAZ will launch on September 26, with £30million already being spent preparing the scheme.

Caura also handles other road and toll charges including the Dartford Crossing, Heathrow’s Drop Off charge, and regional tolls like the Merseyflow and Tyne Tunnels charges.

By entering their vehicle registration number into the app, customers can immediately see the status of the car’s MOT and tax and can quickly input their insurance renewal dates. 

The service offers push notifications which can be a lifeline for those forgetting to renew.

The DVLA launched a campaign earlier this year to highlight the risks for drivers who evade vehicle tax.

In 2021 alone, London saw almost 100,000 total enforcement actions including fines, penalties and vehicles being clamped.

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