Dump Truck Slams Into Ford Super Duty Trailer As It Crosses The Road

This could have been much worse.

A costly mistake only needs a split second to occur, and that appears to have happened on a Louisiana highway last Friday. Details are scarce, but a dramatic video shows the collision between a dump truck and a trailer towed by a newer-looking Ford Super Duty pickup truck. The footage failed to capture the wreck’s entirety or the aftermath, but what it does capture is frightening.

The accident occurred along Highway 190 between Port Barre and Opelousas, Louisiana. The Super Duty is seen turning, trying to cross the oncoming lane. There’s oncoming traffic, but the trailer is too long. The video shows a semi-truck coming up on the Ford moving to the right lane to avoid striking the trailer sticking into the road. The Ford driver continues, pulling out in front of an oncoming dump truck.

The dump truck strikes the trailer right at the wheels. Plywood boards fly into the air as the trailer cuts into the dump truck’s front end, before being ripped from the Super Duty. The dump truck’s forward-opening hood is seen flying open. The video failed to capture the rest of the crash or the aftermath. However, the dump truck is seen beginning to tip over, likely landing on its side in the median. It also appears like the dump truck cab is intact.

Several minutes of internet sleuthing couldn’t turn up what exactly happened, though it looks like the Super Duty failed to yield before crossing. Then again, the trailer made it impossible to continue to sit in the media with it sticking out into traffic. If anything, this is a friendly reminder about the additional dangers that come with towing a trailer. If the Ford crossed any slower, or the dump truck was closer, the accident could have been significantly worse.

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