eDumper Fact Check Reveals Its Battery Pack Weighs 8 Tons

And there are more surprises from the largest EV in the world. Check them out!

When we first told you about the eDumper – the biggest EV in the world – we pointed out some discrepancies between what Kuhn Schweitz reported and what was in a CNN article. The former said the huge electric mining truck had a 5-ton battery pack with 700 kWh. The latter claimed it had a 4.5-ton, 600-kWh pack. We’ve contacted Kuhn Schweitz and eMining – the company created to produce the eDumper – and discovered no one got the weight right, according to Gernot Beutle, sales manager at eMining.

“The CNN information is partially correct. The battery size is 700 kWh, not 600kWh,” he told InsideEVs. “The battery pack weighs roughly 8 tons.” Yes, you read that right… 8 tons!

Being in direct contact with the source, we have managed to get a few more questions answered, such as the time such a huge battery pack demands for a full recharge.

“We are recharging during downhill transport. In this case, energy recovery during braking will be responsible for the recharging of the vehicle. The recharging station is only a backup,” said Beutle. “The 100 kW stationary charging station is used only for achieving a full charge. If a depleted battery pack with 700 kWh is fully recharged with a 100 kW recharging station, it could take up to 10 hours.”