Elderly couple forced to ditch dream house move due to ‘horrendous’ car tax changes

'Clean air zone' plans mean diesel drivers could face charges

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Laura and Alan Weston, who live on Rush Hill, said they have seen a major increase in traffic as heavy lorries use the tight residential road to avoid Clean Air Zone Fees. They said the changes have “really affected their lives” as it had turned away potential buyers.

They said this has prevented them from putting bids into other properties nearby where they are desperate to move to.

Mrs Weston said she spent most days wanting to “get out of the house” due to the noise of the heavy lorries.

She said the new increase in traffic levels was also “major accident waiting to happen”.

Speaking to Somerset Live, she said: “We can’t sell because of the road. It’s just absolutely horrendous.

“We’ve been here 40 years and want to move somewhere quiet but nobody wants it.

“It’s the heavy lorries at 5.30pm and late into the night too.

“We’re a bag of nerves really. We’ve been on the market since last October.

“People tell the estate agent they like the house but it’s the road, it’s the traffic.”

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She added: “I take my grandkids to school a couple days a week and it’s frightening.

“I do all I can, make sure I walk on the roadside but they thunder past you and they’ve only got to do is swerve and we’re in trouble.”

Rush Hill is located just a stone’s throw from where the Clean Air Zone starts at Wells Road.

Once here, taxis and private hire vehicles will be charged £9 per day to enter the city centre.

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