Electric car drivers could face huge repair costs as EV car parts ‘much more expensive’

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The UK is facing a “perfect storm” of trouble for electric vehicle owners due to the lack of qualified technicians and the higher cost of repairs, according to the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI). The recent data showed that only 6.5 percent of the current automotive mechanic workforce is qualified to service electric vehicles.

The forecast predicts that around 90,000 mechanics who are able to fix an EV will be needed by 2030.

This means a shortfall of 75,000 who will need to be trained in order for the UK to remain on course for the Government’s zero-emission target.

MotorEasy, a leading motoring association, has also highlighted the higher costs of repairs for the growing fleet of plug-in models as another cause for concern.

The data collected by the association has revealed the difference between the relative price of basic garage repairs for EVs and combustion vehicles.

The figures showed that some repairs come in at up to 400 percent higher for electric vehicles than their combustion engine counterparts.

For example, a coolant pump repair for a BMW i3 – carried out by one of MotorEasy’s registered and approved garages – costs a whopping £2,293.99.

That’s compared to around £400 at a franchise dealer for the same part on a BMW 3 Series petrol model.

Meanwhile, replacing a door handle on a Tesla Model S is almost £670 according to the MotorEasy data – the retractable feature being controlled by an electric motor – while a simple door handle on an Audi Q7 comes in at around £245.

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MotorEasy founder and CEO Duncan McClure Fisher said: “EVs are generally very reliable and while we’re seeing increasing numbers coming through our workshop, proportionally they remain much lower than petrol and diesel.

“That is no doubt due in a large part to them being relatively new. But as these vehicles age, there could be other unknown faults that emerge.

“And the costs of these repairs are going to be higher for two reasons: the huge shortfall in qualified technicians, which will mean repairs can only be done in fewer workshops, and the fact so many electrical motors are used throughout EVs that replacing even a basic part can be much more expensive.”

Mr Fisher added that the market is set to rocket in the next few years, especially following the recent fuel crisis that turned the spotlight on petrol and diesel supplies.

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