EV Battery Market Expanded In September 2020 To 15.7 GWh

LG Chem strengthens in first place, slightly ahead of CATL.

The EV battery market expands at a healthy rate, following the growing plug-in car market in Europe, and finally also in China.

SNE Research reports that in September some 15.7 GWh of EV battery shipment was counted globally, which is 55% more than a year ago.

The three top players – LG Chem, CATL and Panasonic – were responsible for 10.8 GWh or 69% of the total. As we can see on the chart below, LG Chem is not only #1 for the month, but it seems like it tripled its output.

Global EV Battery Shipment – September 2020:

Year-to-date 2020

Thanks to improving results in the past couple of months, the year-to-date EV battery shipment of 80.8 GWh almost matched the previous year (81.9 GWh).

Again, 54.8 GWh or 68% of the total comes from LG Chem, CATL and Panasonic.

Global EV Battery Shipment – YTD 2020:

Total: 80.8 GWh (down 1.8% from 81.9 GWh)

A quick look at the market share chart:


SNE Research

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