Ford Bronco Riptide Concept First Look Review: Totally Tubular

Ford is introducing another concept project build, this time called the 2021 Ford Bronco Riptide. Based on a Black Diamond trim four-door 2021 Ford Bronco with the Sasquatch package, the Velocity Blue (that’s a factory color) tube-door-equipped Riptide with surfboards on the roof appeals to the laid back, West Coast beachgoer. The Blue Oval hopes this beachy build exemplifies how the Bronco complements spontaneous outdoor adventures, further enhanced through factory- and dealer-installed Ford accessories that can be financed right along with the Bronco.

The most noticeable Ford accessory showcased on the Riptide concept is its tube doors, which let the salty ocean breeze fully saturate the driving experience. Also used in the build are a Bestop mesh Bimini top, a Yakima bike rack, a Rigid LED lightbar, and mirror-mounted off-road lights. Ford reports the steel front bumper is a prototype, as are the two crossbars (which work seamlessly with the soft top) that are bolted to the sport bars and house two Almond surfboards.

The bottom line is that you can get a pretty dang cool modestly customized Ford Bronco—fully personalized and fully financeable. We can’t think of much that’s more tempting and more enticing. However, what may save us all from spontaneously waltzing into a Ford dealership and creating our own Riptide is that you can’t, really. A host of production delays, including problems with the removable hardtop roof, and lots of demand mean that nabbing a new Bronco is rather difficult at the moment. And don’t expect to readily find one on a dealership lot without a hefty dealer markup.

Should you find yourself spontaneously driving along the ocean’s shoreline (which you actually can still do on a few West Coast beaches) in search of surfable waves or the best spot to watch the sunset, you’ll find the Ford Bronco Riptide is a completely suitable partner in crime.

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