FreeWire Deploys First Battery-Integrated Ultrafast Charger

A Firewire Boost Charger, a flexible solution for fast charging where power is the limit.

FreeWire Technologies, backed by BP Ventures and ABB Technology Ventures, has just deployed its first (and U.S. first) battery-integrated ultra-fast charger. It was installed at an ampm fuel and convenience store in Lodi, California (along two major highway thoroughfares in California’s Central Valley).

The FreeWire Boost Charger is a 120 kW dual-head (CCS/CHAdeMO) charger with integrated 160 kWh battery, which allows to install it flexibly with just low-power input (like 20 kW single-phase).

In many cases, it allows to significantly lower the installation cost and time, as well as avoid demand tariffs for peak power connected from the grid.