Furious driver fined £100 for ‘not showing blue badge’ despite it being visible

Rip Off Britain: Lawyer Gary Rycroft gives tips on parking tickets

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The motorist, however, claimed that his disabled card was visible in the parking attendant’s picture. Steven Leeder, 62, suffers from back pain after spinal surgery and has hit out at Arena Retail Park in Coventry.

He told CoventryLive: “I opened it up and thought ‘what the hell is this?’

“Then, I read it and it said ‘Parking in a disabled bay without displaying a badge’ and I thought ‘well hang on they have just sent me a picture with a badge in the window’.

“It is just ridiculous.”

Slamming parking firm Parkwatch, he added: “You cannot get a hold of anybody there.

“You can write to them but it is just a PO Box, there is a phone number that you can phone but all you get is ‘We are here to take your payment’ so the only thing you can do is appeal by letter or they will take it to court.”

He has vowed to do just that and is refusing to pay the fine, which began at £60 but has risen to £100.

Mr Leeder said: “I am not going to pay it so they can do what they want.

“If they want to go to court I would happily go to court.

“Actually, that is what I want – to make them look like total idiots.”

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He added: “It is just totally done my head in. I cannot understand why.

“It is just not right.

“It makes you think how many people have got that and just panicked and paid it.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Parkwatch for comment.

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The news comes after an anonymous McDonald’s customer has spoken of his frustration after he was slapped with a £50 parking fine, simply for eating his meal.

The driver who stopped at the restaurant in Coalville in Leicestershire said he had a full meal and “extra drinks” before noticing the fine.

Posting on a local forum, Spotted Whitwick, the disgruntled customer said: “So annoyed just had a fine for parking at McDonald’s for nearly two hours, we were there all that time eating and [got] extra drinks, have now got a fine.”

He then questioned: “Anyone else had this?”

Most McDonald’s franchises have a time restriction on parking, which is generally between 90 minutes to two hours.

An exception to this rule is if the restaurant is on a larger shopping complex or estate, which may be operated by a private company.

The store in question has parking restrictions allowing drivers to stop for a maximum time of 90 minutes.

Oftentimes, parking restrictions have to be imposed because of issues including taxi drivers waiting for fares or people stopping to go shopping elsewhere.

Some local residents on the forum offered suggestions for what the driver could do.

One commenter advised him to appeal the fine, saying: “It will probably get cancelled”.

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