Genesis Wants A FCEV, SUVs And BEVs To Chase Tesla

The idea is to hitch a hike on the concept that electric is luxurious.

In the past, Rolls-Royce built its reputation on luxury with amazing finish and silent running – hence the phantasmagorical names of its cars. Tesla has done pretty much the same in the premium segment, but added technology and safety to the package. A recipe Genesis intends to follow, according to

The target is clear: to repeat Tesla’s success, especially among luxury cars. For that, it will invest heavily on SUVs, FCEVs and, unsurprisingly, on BEVs. A strategy that may prove more successful than the ones adopted by other luxury Asian brands. 

Apart from Lexus, very few luxury brands managed to successfully detach their images from that of their controllers. Infiniti and Acura have gone well mostly in the US market, but almost nowhere else. Infiniti even announced it will pull out of Europe in 2020. Having appeared later, Genesis is able to learn from their experiences.

This is why the company will focus on SUVs, a sort of car body that seems very far from lacking the consumer’s favor. And these SUVs are certain to present clean propulsion. Such as the seven-seater GV80, which was presented as a plug-in FCEV.